Pay Equity

Below are summaries and status reports (as of Feb. 21, 2017) of the equal pay bills that we have been closely following.

HB 1506 – Addressing Workplace Practices to Achieve Gender Pay Equity: This bill revises the state’s equal pay laws but adds additional penalties above wage recovery and multiple causes of action – both of which we are concerned about. The bill passed the House Labor & Workplace Standards Committee and has received a hearing in House Appropriations. It has not been schedule for executive action.

SB 5836 – Enhancing Enforcement of the Equal Pay Act: The issue of gender pay equity is one that will continue to be negotiated throughout the remainder of the session. This bill is a title-only bill that passed out of the Senate Commerce, Labor & Sports Committee. The committee heard testimony on other bills but decided to pass this bill as a vehicle for possible compromise language.