Leadership & Staff

The Federation is governed by a board of ten (10) directors elected to represent the four (4) districts in the state, as well as two (2) at-large positions.  These board members are required to be dairy farmers in the district they represent for at least 5 years and be on record as a member of good standing at the Federation office.  The Board of Directors, with the guidance of the by-laws and resolutions, formulate and sets policies for the Federation.


2018 Board of Directors
District 1, Position 1 – Terry Lenssen
District 1, Position 2 – Chris Sybrandy
District 1, Position 3 – Jon De Jong
District 2, Position 4 – Eric Johnson
District 2, Position 5 – vacant
District 3, Position 6 – Markus Rollinger
District 3, Position 7 – Keith Golob
District 3, Position 8 – Ruurd Veldhuis
District 4, Position 9 – Ed Zurcher
District 4, Position 10 – Henry Benthem
Eastern WA Member At Large – Austin Allred
Western WA Member At Large – Dwayne Faber

WSDF Staff

Dan Wood : Executive Director

Dan Wood

Executive Director

Dan Wood has more than 25 years of experience in the public policy arena as a volunteer activist, professional advocate, non-profit association leader, and public official.

He had managed candidate campaigns, public relations projects, and conventions with several hundred attendees.

As a non-profit leader, he led a 10-year successful campaign to construct a $15 million commercial-scale wind project. As a public official, he authorized and saw to completion multi-million-dollar projects for infrastructure (rail, road, sewer, and water), building construction and renovation (courthouse, schools, and public safety facilities).

As a county commissioner, Dan co-managed a public entity with several-hundred employees and combined budgets of about $100 million. This involved coordinating with other elected officials, working with various levels of government, managing contracts and projects and duvet adoption and supervision. Dan has also been involved in successful disaster relief and social service programs and focused efforts.

William J. Gordon : Policy Director

William J. Gordon

Policy Director

Jay Gordon, representing and supporting Dairy Farmers in Washington since 2001, has vast experience with policy leadership in Olympia.  He is a dairy farmer and owns and operates a 600 acre dairy and crop farm in Elma, Washington. Jay routinely works with State Agencies, national dairy organizations, local livestock and shellfish growers to promote the dairy industry while working to provide solutions for environmental and health issues such as nutrient management regulation, air and water regulation and animal identification.

Jay also serves on the Advisory Board of William D. Ruckelshaus Center of WSU. His effort at the Centerincludes promoting the Voluntary Stewardship Program for buffers throughout the State of Washington.

Scott Dilley : Communication Director

Scott Dilley

Communication Director

Scott Dilley has expertise in labor, transportation, and energy issues.  Dilley previously served as a labor policy analyst for the Washington Farm Bureau and for the Freedom Foundation.  Scott received a bachelor's degree in government from Centre College in 1999 and a master's degree in theological studies from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in 2001. Scott is a native of Oxford, Mississippi, and now lives on a farm near Montesano with his three children.


Darcel Nootenboom : Office Manager

Darcel Nootenboom

Office Manager

Darcel has held office and management positions for the last 35 years, including 18 years of non-profit experience in accounting and volunteer recruitment management. She married into a dairy family 41 years ago and lived her early married life on a dairy farm in Grays Harbor County. She has two grown children and has not forgotten her roots on the farm and is very happy to be serving the Dairy Farmers of Washington.