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2017 Dairy Day at the Legislature

Dairy Day is one of the most anticipated events in Olympia each year. It provides the dairy producers with an opportunity to meet face to face with legislators, and it showcases the importance and bounty of dairy products to everyone on the Capitol Campus.

Below are a handful of pictures from this year’s event on Jan. 24 in the Legislative Building.

Sen. Kirk Pearson with WSDF Policy Director Jay Gordon. Also pictured in the background is Sen. Dino Rossi.
Senate MCC staff member Erik Smith enjoys ice cream.
Rep. Morgan Irwin speaks to FFA members.
Former dairy farmer and current Rep. John Koster considers his options.
Dairy Ambassador Alicia Smaciarz
Diary farmer and Dairy Products Commissioner Juli Loveall
Rep. Joe Schmick takes a picture of his constituent and WSDF Vice President Ed Zurcher.
A group of legislative staff members enjoying their treats.
WSDF board members discussing legislative issues
Dairy ambassadors on their way to pass out treats
Dairy ambassadors at work representing the industry
Rep. Vincent Buys selecting his favorite yogurt
Ice cream available at Dairy Day 2017
Ice cream, yogurt, and cheese available at Dairy Day 2017
WSDA Director Derek Sandison dropping by for a visit

Beef Day at the Legislature 2016

Thursday, February 31st, was Beef Day at the Legislature.  Washington Cattleman’s BBQ’d beef and served a free lunch to legislators, staff and anyone in attendance.  The Dairy Ambassador and the Dairy Federation participated by giving milk and cookies for the event.  Long lines lasted more than two hours, but there were a lot of happy diners!

Dairy Amb offers milk Dairy Amb talks w diners Dairy Ambassador poses with dinersDiners line up Jay and Laurel Long lines await the beef The lines never shortens!