Paid Family Leave

Below are summaries and status reports (as of Feb. 21, 2017) of the paid family leave bills that we have been closely following.

HB 1116 – Family and Medical Leave Insurance: The state passed a paid family leave insurance program in 2007 but never funded the program. This bill would increase the benefits offered under the program and provide funding. It would create a 26-week benefit for care of others and an additional 12 weeks for an employee’s own medical conditions. The insurance would provide up to 90 percent of the state’s average weekly wage, and costs would be split between employers and employees. The bill passed the House Labor & Workplace Standards Committee and is scheduled for executive action in the House Appropriations Committee.

SB 5829 – Addressing Paid Family Leave: Because paid family leave is considered to be necessary to implement the budget, discussions on the topic could continue for the duration of session. This bill is a title-only bill that can be used as a vehicle to put possible compromise language onto. The bill passed the Senate Commerce, Labor & Sports Committee. The bill was referred to Senate Ways & Means.