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We are excited to have the meeting at the Wenatchee Convention Center this year and invite you to join us! The attached documents will give you information and forms to register. 

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For questions, call Darcel at 360.482.3485 or email Darcel.WSDF@gmail.com


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September 14, 2015 UPDATE
Comment Deadline Extended to October 2
ECOLOGY has extended the comment period two weeks to allow more producers to submit comments.
It is very important that individual producers send in comments.  Below are questions that simplify the impacts and can help form those comments.
Overview: Ecology Issues DRAFT CAFO Permit
Previously, we alerted you that Department of Ecology has issued a DRAFT CAFO Permit.  Ecology says it has “determined that if the CAFO has a lagoon that does not have a double geomembrane liner with a leak detection system between the liner layers that it is discharging to groundwater.” That means almost every livestock operation with a manure lagoon would need a CAFO permit.
Dairy Federation Response
Washington State Dairy Federation assembled 22 experts to share their review of the draft permit.  The Dairy Federation and others will submit detailed comments and suggested revisions to this draft.  As written, the draft will put a number of farms out of business and will interfere with the success of the Department of Agriculture’s Dairy Nutrient Management Program. WSDF has also engaged legal counsel to answer some of the technical legal questions on this draft.
Producer Responses are Needed No Later than October 2
Here are a few questions we hope you can answer and submit as comments.
 1.      The current draft prohibits spreading manure within 100 feet of waterways, wetlands, or conveyances to waters of the state on any fields that do not have permanent vegetative cover. (example is corn fields.) What is the impact on your farm in terms of lost acres to spread manure on, lost feed production, extra fertilizer bills to fertilize that 100 feet of farmland?

2.      What is the impact if you cannot spread within 35 feet of any waters of the state on permanent vegetative ground (i.e. grass or alfalfa)?

3.      What are the costs to your farm from current draft language prohibiting any animals, including grazing livestock from coming in contact with “waters of the state”? Reminder – Washington State Department of Ecology considers “waters of the state to include wetlands, even those converted prior to 1985 (Prior converted wetlands or farmland as determined by NRCS is not “waters of the US” under federal Law). The draft says if you graze or farm land that was historically a wetland you must fence it off including a 35-foot buffer from those “waters of the state.”

4.      This draft requires each field on your farm must be soil tested at least in the spring and fall to 3 feet. Recent quotes indicate cost will be in the $300-500/field.  How much would this cost- (We see little if any value but huge cost in this testing regime)?

5.      There are a multitude of rules this permit – including engineering plans for all construction or modification of your manure system. What are the costs in bureaucracy and paperwork to your farm?

6.    If forced to adopt this permit, would you consider leaving dairy farming?

How to Comment:
Email: jonathan.jennings@ecy.wa.gov    — or — FAX: (360) 407-6426  — or —
Mail: Washington Department of Ecology
c/o Jon Jennings
PO Box 47696
Olympia, WA 98504-7696
Please also email a copy of your comments to Washington State Dairy Federation, sending to WSDF@msn.com
Keep in Mind:
  1. It is a first draft. Ecology staff wants and expects comments on the permit.
  2. Comments are due by October 2, 2015.
  3. It is a terrible draft that needs as many comments submitted by dairy farmers, cattle ranchers, cattle feeders, and others.
  4. This is the first step in the fight to get this permit functional and voluntary.
The Washington State Dairy Federation is developing a comprehensive comment letter to submit. If you would like a copy – contact the Dairy Federation office at 360-482-3485 or Jay at wsdf@msn.com.
Please remember: We need as many producers to comment as possible.
Dan Wood, Executive Director
Jay Gordon, Director of Policy & Govt. Relations


Dairy Ambassadors 2015Nicole Buell from Marysville, representing Snohomish County, is the 2015-2016 Washington State Dairy Ambassador! Nicole was one of eight finalists at the 60th Annual Washington State Dairy Ambassador contest “Diamonds and Tiaras” held in the Grand Ballroom of the Holiday Inn, Everett, WA.

Amanda Howe of Lynden, representing Whatcom County, and Lydia Johnson of Ethel, representing Lewis County, were selected as Alternate Ambassadors.

As a representative of the Dairy Farmers of Washington, the State Dairy Ambassador and Alternates will visit schools, attend county fairs, appear at Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) events and speak before the Washington state legislature promoting the health and nutrition benefits of dairy products. A Dairy Ambassador typically makes over 400 public appearances during her year-long tenure. On completion of their reign, Nicole Buell and her alternate ambassadors will receive scholarships to continue their educations.

2015 Ambassador Finalist


The other 2015 finalists were:
• Skagit County Contestant ~ Katie Jo Conley (Mount Vernon)
• Inland Northwest contestant ~ Ashley Rochlitzer (Spokane)
• Snohomish County Contestant ~ Olivia Russell (Stanwood)
• Whatcom County Contestant ~ Ellie Steensma (Lynden)
• Skagit County Contestant ~ Megan Sybrandy (Mount Vernon


WSDA NRCS nutrient management plan financial assistance flyer

WSDA NRCS nutrient management plan financial assistance flyer