Dairy Legislative Reception, January 31, 2018

Board members discuss legislative issues effecting dairy.

Board member Eric Johnson shares concerns with Rep. Vicki Kraft

Austin Allred has a laugh with Rep. Matt Manweller.

Dairy Ambassadors welcome guests.

Board members Terry Lenssen & Henry Benthem.

Dairy women gather at the reception.

Keith Golob & Chris Sybrand share insights.

Rep. Jim Walsh, Senator Dean Takko & Jay Gordon in discussion.


Dairy Day at the Legislature, January 31, 2018

Dairy products for everyone!

Chris Sybandy, Jon DeJong, Terry Lenssen & Vincent Buys.

Everyone loves Dairy Day!

Dairy ambassadors do a great job getting out dairy products!

There was quite a lineup to get dairy products!

Darigold cheese, Safeway ice cream & yogurt from Auburn Dairy Products, oh my!