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Workers’ Compensation

Below is a summary and status report (as of Feb. 21, 2017) of the workers’ compensation reform bill we have been working on.

SB 5822 – Workers’ Comp Reform: This bill would lower the age barriers for workers to approve claim settlement agreements and would clarify the definition of occupational disease. The bill passed the Senate Commerce, Labor & Sports Committee and is now in Senate Rules awaiting possible floor action. WSDF supports this reform bill.

Livestock Issues

Below are summaries and status reports (as of Feb. 21, 2017) of some livestock bills that we have been working on or closely following.

HB 2018 /SB 5750 – Concerning Livestock Inspection: The House and Senate versions are identical, and both passed out of policy committees last week. The bills are a compromise “first step” to balance income and expenses by increasing fees for brand inspection services. The brand program is 100 percent fee for service, and revenues have not kept pace with expenses. The Department of Agriculture originally asked for an increase to $42.50 per hour for inspector services. The industry suggested that a combination of efficiencies and some fee increases could close the gap and countered with a $27.50 per hour fee on inspection services, which is the amount in both bills. It is clear the WSDA brand program will need additional changes as the cost of a state employee to drive out and inspect cattle is growing prohibitively expensive.  (Reminder: dairy farmers can use the electronic cattle transaction reporting system, which costs much less to use. To sign up, go here.) Continue reading Livestock Issues

WSDF Board Update

Markus Rollinger has been elected to the Dairy Federation Board of Directors. He will fill the unexpired term that was vacated by Tom Devries, who served for many year on the Dairy Federation Board. The term expires at the end of 2018.

Ten Dairy Federation Board members are elected by district, with staggered 3-year terms. In this case, Rollinger joins Art Mensonides and Keith Golob to represent the greater Yakima area.

Other board members include Chris Sybrandy, Jon DeJong and Terry Lensen (NW Washington); Walt Abplanalp and Eric Johnson (SW Washington); and Ed Zurcher and Henry Benthem (Eastern Washington).

Two appointed board members represent Western Washington (Dwayne Faber) and Eastern Washington (Austin Allread).